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¡Hola, Soy Isa Medina!

Hello there. 

I'm Isa Medina, a freelance illustrator living in Mexicali B.C. I love children's illustrations. I work doing illustrations for books, picture books, textbooks, social media, apps, web and even more.

Since I was a child I have always enjoyed drawing a lot, I loved having crayolas, coloring books, markers and everything so I could drew.

Now I have been working professionaly as an illustrator, working for some clients from Mexico, Spain, Colombia and USA. 

As an illustrator I have had the opportunity to illustrate some children's book, like:

"A Kingdom with more Wisdom", by Carolina Chams, self-published.
"Las Aventuras de Currito", by Sara Gómez Aragón, self-published.
"Cuando soñé ser Científica", by Carmen García Lizárraga, published by Librobjeto Editorial.
"La Senda de los Planetas", by Silvia García, published by Babidi-Bú Editorial.

I have also illustrated some coloring books, for dossiers and educational books, illustrations for websites, supporting material for children as characters to show emotions, stickers, table of illustrated activities and more.

I have had participated in local exhibitions, mostly collectively. I started participating with photography, but as I progressed, I also participated with drawings.

  Some exhibitions have been:
  • 2010 - Expo The skulls peel my teeth - with Nat collective
  • 2011 - Cultural Encontronazo - IMACUM
  • 2011 - Erotic art Expo - Mexicali Rose
  • 2011 - Expo Mexicali, my city - with Colectivo Nat Club de Arte
  • 2014 - Expo Gecko Club de Arte - 3rd anniversary
  • 2015 - Expo at Comic Party expo with Gecko Club de Arte
  • 2015 - Expo with Collective Robats - IMACUM
  • 2015 - Expo Vision different from Mexicali with Gecko Club de Arte - IMACUM
  • 2016 - Expo Gecko Club de Arte for 5th anniversary
  • 2018 - Expo at Comic party with Gecko Club de Arte
  • 2018 - Interview in online program with Young Mind
  • 2018 - Gecko Art Club Interview with Young Mind
  • 2018 - Expo Ay nanita Festival of the Day of the Dead - IMACUM
  • 2018 - Expo tribute to Cri Cri with Gecko Club de Arte - IMACUM
  • 2019 - Expo Aki Toy with Mate Colectivo
  • 2020 - Digital Expo with Gecko Art Club - Halloween and Christmas version
  • 2020 - Expo Truco o Trazo con Mate Colectivo